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At Clocktower Dental Surgery we can offer implant retained dentures as an alternative to more traditional, removable dentures.

What are implant retained dentures?

Implant retained dentures work in the same way as traditional dentures in that they are designed to replace missing or soon to be extracted teeth, and return full function to the mouth. Unlike traditional dentures, however, they are held in place by implants. As with other types of implants, these are usually made of a metal called titanium which is able to healthily and safely fuse with the jaw.

Why choose implant retained dentures?

We know that choosing a replacement for your teeth is a big decision, and will always offer what guidance and advice we can. Ultimately, however, this is a personal decision and the reasons behind opting for implant retained dentures over traditional dentures are many and varied.

Patients who choose implant retained dentures may be looking for a more comfortable and secure alternative to traditional dentures. Traditional dentures have a tendency to be loose, even with the use of adhesives. With implant retained dentures, this is not a problem. They are also very comfortable and natural looking in the mouth, and can help enhance your smile. As with other implants, they can also help maintain and retain the structures of the face, helping you to stay look young and healthy.

What are the stages of the treatment process?

Like some other implant options, the process of receiving implant retained dentures usually happens over several months. After an initial consultation, we’ll first have to find out whether you’re a suitable candidate for the treatment. This will be done via an X-ray which will help us determine whether there is enough healthy bone available in the jaw for it to safely fuse with the implants.

Then, you’ll come into the practice again to have your implants affixed to the jaw. For this stage, we will administer local anaesthetic and can also offer intravenous sedation for patients who might be more nervous. Once this has been done, we’ll apply temporary dentures to the implants while we wait for the implant and jawbone to fuse. This normally occurs over a month or two. For the final stage of the treatment, you’ll return to the practice to have your definitive dentures made.

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