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Airflow and Polishing

Airflow tooth polishing is an innovative cosmetic procedure that removes stains from your teeth in a single treatment without damaging the enamel.

aboutthumbA specially designed machine uses a combination of water, fine powder particles, and compressed air to polish the tooth’s entire surface. In addition to removing soft deposits, plaque, and discolouration, the treatment reaches into periodontal pockets for a smoother finish. Airflow tooth polishing is also much more efficient at removing the biofilm caused by bacteria-ridden dental plaque, preventing periodontitis and related conditions.

This method is superior to traditional dental cleaning methods, which can be uncomfortable and time-consuming. The non-toxic powder used to polish your teeth is also more pleasant than the gritty paste used in regular polishing.

Additional benefits:

  • Reduced tooth sensitivity: No heat or vibration is applied to your teeth, and the powder’s microparticles can even fill exposed dentine tubules, lowering sensitivity.
  • Faster cleaning time: Airflow tooth polishing is over three times faster than traditional methods when it comes to stain and plaque removal.
  • Makes orthodontic treatment easier: Because airflow tooth polishing removes close to 100% of endotoxins and bacteria, it’s an excellent method of cleaning before orthodontic procedures that require bonding and sealant use.

Prior to airflow polishing, your dentist will check for (and recommend the removal of) tartar deposits to ensure the best possible outcome and leave your teeth in great shape.

Airflow polishing will remove the discolouration caused by smoking and consumption of tea, coffee, and red wine. By polishing without direct contact, noise, or heat, patient comfort is improved and their dental experience will be much more positive.