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Wrinkle Correction

Botulinum toxin, dermal fillers, and other injectable treatments for eliminating fine lines and wrinkles have gotten a bad reputation lately. Everyone has seen photos that show the unattractive, ‘frozen-faced’ aftermath of poorly administered treatments. These images obscure the fact that, when properly implemented, injectable wrinkle removers are perfectly safe and yield wonderful results.


Our IHAS-registered dentists specialise in natural and effective wrinkle reduction methods that leave you looking refreshed and younger. When delivered in tandem with a dental-based ‘smile makeover’, they safely and subtly erase years from your appearance.

We use two wrinkle-reducing products that have been clinically proven and deliver outstanding results:

  • Restylane (a dermal filler)
  • Azzalure (botulinum toxin)

What is Botulinum toxin?

Azzalure, a botulinum toxin type A (commonly referred to as wrinkle correction), is a safe, effective, and clinically proven method of wrinkle reduction. It temporarily prevents your facial nerves from responding to stimuli. When you don’t smile or furrow your brows, frown lines and other wrinkles formed around the nose and mouth will soften and diminish.

What is the treatment process like?

If you are considering this type of facial aesthetic treatment, we offer a free consultation to help you decide what option is right for you. Using a facial diagram, you can point out areas that concern you and ask questions about applicable treatments. Once you are ready to commit, we will take photos, provide you with a fee schedule, and arrange for your first appointment.

Azzalure is injected using ultra-fine needles, resulting in no pain or discomfort. But if you would prefer that a numbing agent be provided to the injection sites beforehand, this option is available.

The treatment is completed within 15-20 minutes and the effects last an average of three or four months. You may experience some redness or mild swelling after each treatment, but these symptoms disappear within 20 minutes or less.

How does wrinkle correction actually work?

Our facial muscles contract when we eat, laugh, and frown, causing  wrinkles that become more pronounced as we mature. When a small amount of Botulinum Toxin is injected into the muscle, movement is immediately restricted so that the skin doesn’t continue to wrinkle. You are still able to accomplish a normal range of facial expressions, but dramatic movement that can create creases is reduced.

What problems does wrinkle correction treat?

  • Crows’ feet at the outer corner of your eyes
  • Forehead lines
  • Frown lines
  • Upper lip lines