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Encore Ceramic Braces

There are a couple of myths about braces that need to be dispelled. The first is that they’re ‘just for kids’. The second is that they will turn your mouth into an unattractive assortment of metal and wires.

Think again. There are many adults out there who are self-conscious about their crooked teeth. They cover their mouths when they talk, smile, or laugh. But worries about being stuck with metal braces keeps them from even looking into dental correction. That’s why they don’t know that different treatments are available to them.

Fixed Clear Braces

We are pleased to offer a selection of fixed clear braces for straightening crooked teeth. They work like conventional metal braces but are affordable, comfortable, and practically invisible.

For adults who need braces but have concerns, we provide you with advanced and clinically-proven teeth-straightening systems that produce the results you want in a fraction of the traditional treatment time.