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Nervous Patients

Everyone feels a certain amount of anxiety about the prospect of a dental treatment, but for some people the fear is so debilitating that it can interfere with successful treatment delivery and compromise their oral health. If this applies to you, there’s no need to be embarrassed and / or too worried to continue. Our team uses empathy and understanding to help you cope with the difficulties that so many nervous patients experience.

To make you more comfortable, we will provide you with documentation that covers both your proposed treatment plan and all that it entails. You are welcome to ask questions either in person or over the phone, and appointments are scheduled only when you are ready. We will never pressure you or try to rush you to commit to a plan. Many patients report that receiving detailed information about their upcoming treatment calms their fears.

Once your treatment begins, we use local or general anaesthesia where appropriate, to ensure that you will not feel pain or be overly uncomfortable. Patients who continue to experience anxiety may opt for IV sedation to ensure their comfort during the process.

If you suffer from anxiety over dental procedures, please tell us. Our commitment to your health and wellbeing motivates us to take your concerns and fears seriously and do everything we can to ensure that your dental therapy experience with us is a positive one.