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Dental Sedation

Many people are frightened by the prospect of dental work. Their responses ran the gamut from mild nervousness to severe panic. Because we understand dental-related anxieties and want you to have the most comfortable experience possible, we offer a variety of treatment approaches that make our procedures stress-free for nervous patients.

When you understand your treatment plan and the steps involved, much of your apprehension can be alleviated. Your dentist will thoroughly explain every aspect of the procedure and the recommended aftercare. But even if knowing what to expect doesn’t settle your fears completely, we have sedation therapies available that will leave you relaxed and comfortable.

If you are afraid of needles, your dentist can minimise your anxiety by applying a topical anaesthetic to the injection site. Our carefully administered local anaesthetics will also completely numb the treatment area, so you experience little to no discomfort during your dental procedure.

For patients who suffer higher levels of anxiety, sedation therapy is offered, especially if the treatment procedure is an extensive one. Sedation treatments are a safe and relaxing option if you are worried about your dental treatment.

How does sedation therapy work?

Intravenous conscious sedation therapy, or IV sedation, should not be confused with general anaesthesia, which induces complete unconsciousness. IV sedation drugs bring on a state of deep relaxation. Other effects include a sense of having slept through the procedure, even though the patient is awake.  Because this induced state of relaxation is so deep, we request that you have a friend or family member escort you home after your treatment.

Our dentists are well-experienced in administering sedation therapy, and will ensure that you have a safe and relaxing experience.

We believe that sedation therapy will dramatically minimise your fears and anxieties about any upcoming dental treatment. Your consultation and treatment plan will include a discussion of your sedation therapy options and any potential side effects. Because we understand your fears, we will work with you to find a comfortable solution that works for you.